Gleam [noun]

Definition of Gleam:

brightness, sparkle

Synonyms of Gleam:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gleam:

Sentence/Example of Gleam:

It was the darkest hour of twilight, when there was just enough of gleam from the lurid sky, to shew the outline of objects.

He was sure that I was really there, and the gleam of white teeth showed a broadening dog-smile.

Mr. Levi enters almost beside him; how white his big eyeballs gleam, as he steps in under the same cold light!

She smiled back at him, a pale, timid smile, like a gleam of sunshine from a wintry sky.

Indirect lighting gave a pretty gleam to the metal gadgets on the tables.

His hair straggled untidily over his forehead, and there was a gleam in his eyes that was not all reflection from the fire.

He looked up and watched a pale eyelash drop over a deep gleam of intelligence.

Mrs. Wheaton turned upon her with the gleam of the bird of prey in her little gray cold eyes.

The room was in twilight, with the red gleam of the fire playing cheerfully over it.

As I turn to her, I am struck by the peculiar gleam in her eyes and the heightened color.