Gloss [noun]

Definition of Gloss:

shine, sheen

Synonyms of Gloss:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gloss:

Sentence/Example of Gloss:

By night, she trades her nice-girl duds for glitter and gloss and skimpy going-out clothes.

So I’m going through my purse, looking for my lip gloss, and a hand comes in the car and scares the hell out of me.

I’ll then add epoxy to the eyes and teeth to give it a nice gloss.

It holds an ideal 10 oz of hot or cold liquid, and its glazed blue gloss is elegant and unisex.

It is more likely that counseyl has slipped in, as a gloss upon reed, and was afterwards substituted for it.

And in this way he hopes to pass off a plausible gloss, as satisfying the words of the instrument.

Hence they are very probably an old gloss, and their omission simplifies both the grammar and the sense.

Around her was the gloss of recent green, pushing upwards to the immature blue of the sky.

It is against human nature, and no amount of wonderful declamation or scenic magnificence can gloss it over.

John saw some signs of a civilian's sense of justice and reason beneath the military gloss.