Dullness [noun]

Definition of Dullness:

quality of being boring

Synonyms of Dullness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dullness:

Sentence/Example of Dullness:

It’s possible to do things that are dull and just take up too much time.

Now it just sort of feels like a dull and expected subtext to, well, everything in our lives.

That feeling only escalates as you navigate a confusing, and so-far dull, main story line.

He even took on a process often dismissed as the dullest thing imaginable in his essay “Watching Paint Dry,” written for a Harvard undergraduate journal.

As more chips accumulate, the edge can quickly dull, especially if the microscopic structure of the steel is not uniform.

Other sea urchins are less menacing, with short, dull spines.

Season seven hasn’t worked that out yet, so when it tries to do a classic low-concept Gilmore plot, the result is deadly dull.

It also dulls the company’s edge with features that, more often than not, come to other Android devices.

Not only would it be mind-numbingly dull to review millions of cat images, it’d take us years or more to do what these programs do in hours or days.

The dullness of that time has gone, and the roads are tolerably travelled to-day.