Flatness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flatness:

Of the monkeys by the length of his tail; of the baboons by his size; and of the ape by the flatness of his face.

He talked over with Mr. Viner the flatness of existence on the evening after the result of the examination was known.

Aware of it, by sympathy, he degraded the narrative to a flatness about as cheering as a suburban London Sunday's promenade.

A general depression and flatness of surface seems to be the physical characteristic of this part of Central Africa.

A small lump of sugar, sir, will take the flatness out of the seltzer without noticeably sweetening the drink, sir.

The flatness spoken of in an article of food is oftentimes the true taste of the article, unaltered by any stimulus.

In this it differs entirely from pictorial art, where one of the great objects is to avoid flatness.

Marked outlines in embroidery add to the flatness, and enable us to omit cast shadows.

And, oh, the flatness and mournfulness of those chill wastes of snow outside the city!

The sheets when cold are found to retain the flatness which has been forced upon them perfectly well.