Sluggishness [noun]

Definition of Sluggishness:


Synonyms of Sluggishness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sluggishness:

Sentence/Example of Sluggishness:

So saying, he leaped from bed, for he hated his sluggishness now.

The audacity of the rebels is stimulated by our sluggishness.

But then I knew that sluggishness was his great characteristic.

It's nothing but mere idleness, sluggishness, want of thinking.

All the stiffness and sluggishness contracted at the week-end has vanished now.

But nothing could change the sluggishness of the Austrian march.

Here, then, they have shaken off the sluggishness of winter.

They would not enjoy the springtime, and Jupiter punished them for their sluggishness.

The shock of excitement thus prolonged was overcoming the sluggishness of her nerves.

There is more or less of sluggishness observable in most of the preceding bows, but the Tourte is awake; it lives!