Diligence [noun]

Definition of Diligence:

perseverance in carrying out action

Synonyms of Diligence:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diligence:

Sentence/Example of Diligence:

The problem, though, is that despite doing your due diligence in keyword research, putting content on your blog site, and optimizing them for search engines, one problem you will encounter is that no one may ever get to see them.

Liberal democracies must improve due diligence around security in the digital supply chain, invest in research and development, and become more competitive in the smart technologies market.

She also called Cisterra a “straw seller” and cited a gross lack of due diligence when buying the building.

I understand the law is out of the city’s control and we get that, but we are going to do our due diligence on our end.

The reports in the city’s due diligence files only touched the surface of the nearly 50-year-old building’s true condition.

This inevitably leads to an absence of diligence, a lack of expertise and a lack of ongoing control in the way the technology is implemented and operated.

As judge, I set about collecting his property with much diligence, involving considerable hardship.

Mais il fut garenti par la diligence des matelots, qui lui tendirent vne corde, par laquelle il se sauva.

Mary was on the contrary so far subdued, as to be exemplary in goodness and diligence, and Blanche was always steady.

Her time she devoted, with unremitting diligence, to those literary avocations in which she found so much delight.