Inattention [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inattention:

They recommend battling student inattention with good work stations, quick openings, smart pacing and the reading of actual books.

A very slight inattention may cause this to be the case, and the taste of the cheese is sure to be more or less affected by it.

Nothing, perhaps, has contributed more to the error of Realism than inattention to this ambiguity.

I returned all the letters excepting one or two which, from inattention, were left between the leaves of a book.

William—the footman—had a week before received a months warning on the general grounds of carelessness and inattention.

He had been once before overset in consequence of a similar inattention, and then had lost one man.

It was an announcement from my partners that my inattention to the business had involved us all in ruin.

This, however, must probably be attributed to the inattention of collectors, who neglect the more minute species.

By this placing of an imaginary listener, all degrees of attention and inattention toward another can be indicated.

And recollection is most commonly a process of recovering that which has been already forgotten through time and inattention.