Indolence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Indolence:

Oppressive laws compel me to pay a portion of my hard earnings to support them in their pride and indolence.

Deeply touched, Peter Ilich resolved to conquer his indolence, and from that moment worked with untiring zeal and energy.

Neither misanthropy, indolence, nor weariness were his permanent moods.

The hours which he did not waste in listless indolence were divided between childish sports and childish devotions.

Iftikhar was in that mood of sleepy indolence to which men wonted to a life of restless action are often prone.

I don't believe there is another person in the world who can compare with you so far as indolence is concerned.

You alone, Madam, had the power to conquer my indolence, and to impel me to change my resolution.

Such firmness of will on Florence's part surprises me very much; it accords so little with her habitual indolence.

I alluded a short time ago, my dear Valentine, to the prodigies indolence can achieve; I will tell you some of them.

For how could we hope to muster up the necessary courage to tear ourselves from indolence, and from love as well?