Laziness [noun]

Definition of Laziness:

unwillingness to work, be active

Opposite/Antonyms of Laziness:

Sentence/Example of Laziness:

Spice blends have never just been for “lazy” cooks, but a new generation is showing how crucial they are to any kitchen During the home-cooking renaissance of the early aughts, “from scratch” was the bar at which every kitchen endeavor was set.

Instead of criticizing myself for being lazy and giving into my cravings, I was more proactive about fueling throughout the day to keep my blood sugar stable and switched up harder workouts for yoga, swimming, or a rest day during this phase.

We relied on the lazy lighting method—covering charcoal in lighter fluid and lighting it with a match—and threw on some burgers once the charcoal was hot.

Nowadays, social media users can easily spot a brand account that’s lazy with their posts.

I’m not doing this in the middle of the afternoon because I was too lazy to do it in the morning, but because I am committed to increasing my blood plasma so I can dominate the competition at this year’s Turkey Trot.

I’m a minimalist, by which I mean I’m lazy and have low standards, so my most used backcountry bathroom is the Cleanwaste Toilet in a Bag, formerly known as a WAG bag.

While Moore’s Law was doubling chip performance every year or two it was easy to get lazy, the authors say.

Ease of action need not imply laziness, but simply polite self-possession.

Doubt arises ordinarily from laziness, weakness, indifference, or incapacity.

They learn the lesson that happy people are the busy people, and they return home cured of their discontent and laziness.