Life [noun]

Definition of Life:

animation, spirit

Synonyms of Life:

Opposite/Antonyms of Life:

Sentence/Example of Life:

Despite his condition, Paul maintained his social life to stave off the depression.

Wenstrup also focused on Biden and Harris, accusing the Democrats of “playing politics with people’s lives” without responding to the reporter’s question.

Multiply that by an expected life span of at least ten years.

Look, you’re, you’ve spent your whole life in public service.

“We’ve spent $8 trillion and we’ve lost thousands of lives but really millions of lives because I view both sides.”

The posts also play down the threat from covid-19, which claimed the life of Turning Point’s co-founder Bill Montgomery in July.

In April, you said that it had been the hardest couple of weeks of your life.

I’d say that was lowest point of work-life balanceAnd also of just personal healthYeah I don’t know if I ever saw you drink water in the office, just coffeeLots of coffee!

So while you don’t want to move jobs or homes every year for obvious reasons, it’s good to understand that it actually deeply serves you and your habits well to make major life changes semi-frequently.

I mean, these were all the stories from my first company, Pure Software, where there were a lot of things that didn’t go right, both in my family life and in work life.