Vivacity [noun]

Definition of Vivacity:


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Sentence/Example of Vivacity:

Nor, my dear, does your own mother always escape the keen edge of your vivacity.

What a difference between her vivacity and that of my charming Gabrielle!

Then she shot her vivacity back into place as by some powerful spring.

But what she was noticing was the flagging effort of his vivacity.

Only at the last did she descend to vivacity or the use of her eyes.

While for vivacity and ease there is little or nothing to choose.

Only it is to be observed that—in painters—this vivacity is not always versatile.

Like the people about her she was vivacious, but her vivacity was tragic—she had not come here to be gay.

"That must be put an end to," said the Queen, with some vivacity.

"And that's what we DO call it," put in Julia, with vivacity.