Animation [noun]

Definition of Animation:

liveliness; activity

Synonyms of Animation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Animation:

Sentence/Example of Animation:

These chips were initially designed to handle the high data volumes that need to be crunched for animation—making them the standard chip for use in computer gaming and computer-aided design.

For some, it kept the economy in a state of suspended animation, allowing families without income and businesses without profits to continue to pay rent and stay afloat.

Create your new blogs in the video format with a voiceover and some animation.

To bypass that protection, the researchers used code that was tailored to a built-in animation component called spinner-grow.

Networks and streamers alike may get more creative with their programming, relying more on animation and user-generated content—like web series on YouTube.

More reality shows, more animation, more things that can be done with lower production costs.

We again approached it collaboratively, dividing our tasks by puzzle or animation, and giving each other feedback throughout the process.

The coronavirus numbers have declined a bit in some key states, but much of the economy remains in a state of suspended animation until a coronavirus vaccine is approved and widely distributed.

The producer should feel comfortable editing short interviews with FiveThirtyEight reporters, creating original motion graphics and animations, and working with our existing graphics packages and design elements.

The quadroon was following them with little quick steps, having assumed a fictitious animation and alacrity for the occasion.