Coldness [noun]

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How the companies addressed those four challenges is likely the key to how cold the vaccines need to be, Mishra says.

A coat that CYOAThere are different coats for different occasions and activities, but we should all have one for when we just don’t want to be cold.

What’s more, there are opportunities to use insects for learning outdoors, even if in colder climates there might not be year-round opportunities as we have in Florida.

I pounded a cold instant coffee, dismantled camp, and rappelled.

At the Judiciary Square testing site, hundreds of people wrapped around several city blocks Wednesday, bundled in scarves, blankets and headbands to fend off the cold.

The woman who had received the messages said she began to get the cold shoulder in the governor’s office.

Winters are typically cold, with temperatures averaging around 30° or below in January.

This may be the hardest part of the whole day, especially if it’s cold.

Embrace that, and don’t stress about whether it will keep your water the coldest.

Musk, who traveled to Berlin last week on his private jet, said he had been experiencing cold-like symptoms.