Coolness [noun]

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As the weather has gotten cooler and the pandemic news grimmer, we’ve cast our eyes ahead toward the holidays and the long winter to come and joined the hordes of Americans buying fire pits.

It was a cool June evening just before sunset on a village road on Langkawi Island, Malaysia.

Water gets denser as it is cooled to 4° C, but becomes less dense as it is cooled further.

The crew will also attempt to grow radishes, experiment with rock-munching microbes that could assist with future space mining operations, and test drive the cooling system of NASA’s next generation spacesuit, among other experiments.

That’s just a way of life—and why they generally need fans to stay cool.

The rivalry between Instagram and TikTok for individual video creators’ allegiances has cooled into a Cold War phase.

He launched a company to produce cooling devices from materials that respond to stress about a decade ago, called Maryland Energy & Sensor Technology.

Otherwise we’re mostly cloudy with cooler lows in the mid-40s to near 50.

It’s a tactic so popular and a “cool job” so sought after by the youth that, in a social media ouroboros, the very idea of a meme maker offered one brand an avenue for internet clout.

Draymond Green as well has a really cool investment that he’s made.