Shyness [noun]

Definition of Shyness:


Synonyms of Shyness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shyness:

Sentence/Example of Shyness:

After a sort of shyness in the recognition, he turns back with them.

Somehow the shyness which her sister had accused her of seemed to have gone.

It was a terrible struggle between my shyness and my affection.

He was troubled by no such personal modesty and shyness as was Enver.

By degrees the students lost their shyness in the presence of their Professor.

And by the time dinner was over some of his shyness and awkwardness had worn away.

In spite of all her shyness, when her blood was up, she was all the princess.

He laughed at her shyness, the happy triumphant laugh of the conqueror.

Her manner presented a curious combination of shyness and audacity.

Isobel did not know about the pumps—she thought Jerry had retreated there from shyness.