Reticence [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reticence:

In his reticence he had the sense of atoning not only to the apparition but to Miss Hernshaw too.

In no duty towards others is there more need of reticence and self-restraint.

The young man had no conversation, and his reticence was quite embarrassing.

After all, Audrey had stated her case a little vaguely—there was a reticence as to details.

Now I understand Mr. Briggs' civility, the tradesmen's reticence.

There had been grave indiscretions, lack of reticence, and other faults in the book.

May I be preserved from any such personal selfishness and reticence as this!

That reticence was part of the general constraint lying upon them all.

They have the usual British characteristic of reticence intensified.

But she did not wince, for she was by now bitterly accustomed to this reticence and self-control.