Closeness [noun]

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Faith was on full display during the Democratic National Convention, where Joe Biden closed out the week with several pointed references to his Catholic faith.

Compared to the rest of its full-frame A7 siblings, the A7C is roughly 20-percent smaller, which makes it very close to the consumer-oriented A6600.

At the time, future members Tesla and Nvidia didn’t come close to making the cut, ranking 35th and 78th respectively on the Nasdaq 100.

Some retailers have already altered their store hours, including big-box stores that as early as July started announcing their plans to close on Thanksgiving Day.

The tally is closing in on 2019’s total of 70 billion euros, even after a coronavirus market shutdown earlier in the year.

Advisers say he is likely to do more town halls in upcoming weeks as he seeks to close a polling gap with Biden.

Even in socially distanced restaurants, bar seats are closed off and standing in the bar area is strictly prohibited.

The screen looks like a serious upgrade that’s close to what you get on the Pro.

One person close to the firm disputed that characterization and said that over the past five years Bridgewater has made significant improvements to its processes.

Still, Sribalan Santhanam, 54, is most likely to take the role if Srouji were to step down or retire, people close to the company said.