Density [noun]

Definition of Density:

bulk, mass

Synonyms of Density:

Opposite/Antonyms of Density:

Sentence/Example of Density:

The employment picture improves somewhat, though a smaller density of the population would be working.

For Reed Hastings, talent density is the key first step to being able to let go of traditional rule structures.

That spells opportunity for Airbnb, which features plenty of unique, rural home rentals on its platform—particularly in markets that don’t have enough density to be served by large hotels.

Reliance on transit rather than cars bolsters the city’s economic vibrancy by increasing density and, in turn, labor and capital productivity.

Looming humans, bright lights and higher density tanks may have shifted the behavior of a species that spends most of its time alone and under the radar.

For one, their skulls have a similar density and thickness to human ones.

The company’s Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk earlier this week said on Twitter that mass-producing batteries with a significantly higher energy density was within reach.

That’s important because insured losses are largely determined by population density and property values.

Additionally, in a 2019 search algorithm update, Google announced that it would prioritize high-quality educational, authoritative, and trustworthy content over traditional SEO factors like keyword density.

The density of nanowires in the artificial retina is also more than 10 times that of photoreceptors in the human eye, suggesting that the technology could ultimately achieve far higher resolution than nature.