Thinness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Thinness:

They had always jeered at me for my thinness, and in this dress I looked like an English tea-pot.

He hurried on lest she should call satiric attention to its thinness.

This man was evil, not with the grossness of a debauchee but with the thinness of the devotee.

As I buttoned it at her throat I marvelled at the thinness of her, and at the delicacy of her face.

Where else is there anything like it, for sincerity and for thinness?

They are tall, signorina, and of a thinness—you would not believe it possible.

Not the thinness of emaciation, but that of bodily structure.

Friends noted with concern his thinness and a hacking cough.

The thinness of the King's thought is in part redeemed by its tenacity.

And he was steering my courses to the thinness of a hair, at that!