Slenderness [noun]

Definition of Slenderness:

lack, scarcity

Synonyms of Slenderness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Slenderness:

Sentence/Example of Slenderness:

Since then his slenderness has developed into plumpness and his hope into certitude.

But, as I had anticipated, our security lay in our slenderness.

But the grey in this case was not so pure, nor were the straightness and the slenderness so maidenly.

He is dark and massive—a splendid foil for his wife's slenderness and fairness.

Yet it carried itself with an effect of tallness and slenderness and grace.

He was counting them, to prove the slenderness of his offence.

Its slenderness of body was remarkable, and the large head was long and lance-shaped.

He was a little taller than Bob and slender with a slenderness that was wiry.

He speaks of his leanness and weakness, and of the length and slenderness of his neck.

The outstanding features of a weasel's skeleton are its length and slenderness.