Scarceness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Scarceness:

Scarceness is what there is the biggest stock 40 of in the country.

All the more might it be so in view of its scarceness, from the first.

It has been hinted that there was a reason for the scarceness of the plums in the plum-cake.

Still, if scarceness is an element of value, these things should be precious.

He foresaw and provided for the days of scarceness; he piloted Egypt through the bitter seven years of famine.

The value of shining stones is entirely founded upon their scarceness or their brilliancy.

Scarceness o' victual 'ull keep; there's no need to be hasty wi' the cooking.

The river was the only resource, and from the scarceness of hooks the supply of fish obtainable was rather scanty.