Shortfall [noun]

Definition of Shortfall:

deficit; imperfection

Synonyms of Shortfall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shortfall:

Sentence/Example of Shortfall:

The change is significant for the central bank, because it means that Fed officials will accept higher inflation to make up for its previous shortfalls below 2%.

These are in advanced stages of testing, but there is no guarantee they will work, and there could be supply shortfalls.

Those include layoffs from local and state governments, which are facing huge budget shortfalls.

In its new statement on longer-run goals, the Fed said its decisions would be informed by its assessment of “shortfalls of employment from its maximum level.”

Now, legislators are scrambling to close huge budget shortfalls in some of America’s western states.

Automotive publishers were likely hardest hit because they saw a shortfall in ad revenue as disruption to manufacturing and fewer visits to dealerships led carmakers to slam the brakes on their digital advertising.

But, ad buyers have hedged their bets on Peacock by resolving that, if the streamer fails to deliver an adequate audience, NBCU will redirect their ads to its other properties to make up for the shortfall.

Cohen is aiming for MyPinkNews to at least recover that shortfall, which would equal 10,000 subscribers.

Perhaps it’s simultaneously a comfort and a shortfall to think that even having been fed with years’ worth of the internet’s entire pool of knowledge, no model could have predicted what 2020 would bring—but then again, no human could have, either.

And every year afterward will bring a new shortfall, bigger than the year before.