Defectiveness [noun]

Definition of Defectiveness:

shortage, defect, inability

Opposite/Antonyms of Defectiveness:

Sentence/Example of Defectiveness:

The distinction between irregularity and defectiveness has been foreshadowed.

In 361 the distinction between irregularity and defectiveness was slightly foreshadowed.

If McClellan ever moves this army, then the defectiveness of his staff may occasion losses and even disasters.

Union supplements the defectiveness of each alone, and develops its full forcefulness.

The low state of vitality in the blood of the drunkard accounts for the defectiveness of a large per cent.

It is obvious that a defective vacuum may or may not prevent an engine from starting, according to the degree of defectiveness.

This is highly important in the diagnosis of the upper range of mental defectiveness.

Spinoza's aim in revealing the defectiveness of the Bible was not theological but philosophical.

Thirty answers have been thrown out for irrelevancy or defectiveness.

Defectiveness is a recessive factor; normality a dominant one.