Ineffectiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ineffectiveness:

Junior Tyger Goslin got the start at quarterback but was ineffective and was benched in favor of freshman Xavier Arline late in the third quarter.

Temperature checks and deep cleaning of public surfaces emerged as two largely ineffective measures in a global analysis published November 16 in Nature Human Behavior.

Detractors said that mandatory seat belt laws were ineffective, uncomfortable or against their individual rights.

A new paper from the National Institute of Standards and Technology helps demonstrate why one group of masks—valved masks—is almost as ineffective in controlling the spread of mouth particles as wearing no masks at all.

Stories about ineffective charities are remembered by donors, who often give less — and effective charities that do a lot of good tend to make for less memorable stories.

That today, she feels like he’s ineffective, and she obviously uses much more difficult language than that.

(p. 257) Roosevelt was scarcely more tolerant of ineffectiveness than he was of dishonesty.

But a bad selection of subjects, and a bad method of teaching them, may condemn even the best teacher to ineffectiveness.

That such belief is not the true faith, however, is proved by the fact of its ineffectiveness.

Instead he sat silently blinking his eyes and wondering at the persistent air of ineffectiveness in the people who passed.