Infirmity [noun]

Definition of Infirmity:

weakness, sickness

Opposite/Antonyms of Infirmity:

Sentence/Example of Infirmity:

Page asked each candidate whether they had discussed the issue of age and infirmity with the presidential standard-bearers.

There remain still the uncounted thousands who by accident or illness, age or infirmity, are unable to maintain themselves.

If he declines, or shews the least infirmity of purpose, he will be drugged and taken home that way.

Robin the gardener brought up the rear, his body all shaking with his infirmity, and showing the divine stigmata on his hands.

Peter was not lame; but his father, by reason of that infirmity had received the nick-name which his son preserved.

Woman's prescriptive infirmity had stalked into the sunlight, which had clothed it in the freshness of an originality.

There was probably considerable ground for all the allegations, except, perhaps, that of infirmity in purpose.

She could mount and descend the stairs as lightly as a bird, in spite of her infirmity.

There ensued also at this early stage a great infirmity of purpose, from which I still suffer to this day.

From our daily lot falls off every weed of care,from our heart-friends every speck and stain of earthly infirmity.