Robustness [noun]

Definition of Robustness:

stamina, mental or physical

Synonyms of Robustness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Robustness:

Sentence/Example of Robustness:

Her face had lost its robustness of scorn, and expressed only a cheerful determination.

Thus the robustness of the parents is inherited by the children.

There is that robustness, for instance, so often the sign of good moral balance.

The nearer proximity of water we consider a detriment to the robustness of a community.

An air of robustness and strength is very prejudicial to beauty.

Triviality destroys at once robustness of thought and delicacy of feeling.

With the gifts of a great man he didn't have a great man's robustness.

This is due largely to the lack of robustness in your voice, but not wholly.

Had the highest notion of the robustness of his constitution.

Of Rude's genius one's first thought is of its robustness, its originality.