Stoutness [noun]

Definition of Stoutness:


Synonyms of Stoutness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stoutness:


Sentence/Example of Stoutness:

The situation, thanks to Martinez's stoutness, had reached a deadlock.

The canes are remarkable for their stoutness and for the crooks at the joints.

And say, maybe Her Stoutness didn't enjoy watchin' us squirm.

And the bread's all right, brown again, and I'm ready for asparagus of any stoutness, there!

She is generally of heavy frame, and rather inclined to stoutness.

The stoutness of the King had given rise to this nickname among the people.

He never forgot his stoutness, and always carried it with dignity.

But bear in mind that obesity and stoutness are not synonymous terms.

"She'll come with us," I declared; but the stoutness of my words could not hide my fear.

If the rider have any tendency to stoutness all these discomforts will be exaggerated.