Plumpness [noun]

Definition of Plumpness:


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Sentence/Example of Plumpness:

He had not guessed she was thus acutely sensitive concerning her plumpness.

Since then his slenderness has developed into plumpness and his hope into certitude.

The grains should then be counted and their plumpness and size observed.

In no case should plumpness be so predominant as to destroy the distinctness of parts.

Miss Clara, the teacher, lacked Aunt Cordelia's optimism, also her plumpness.

Yet Aunt Maude's plumpness was not the plumpness of inelegance.

For all his plumpness Tuck was no mean opponent at the game.

May plumpness be their portion, and they never hanged for it!

This little woman had the rosy-peeping June bud's plumpness.

There was no plumpness, and no silver-sounding laughter with Mary.