Overweight [adjective]

Definition of Overweight:

heavier than average

Synonyms of Overweight:

Opposite/Antonyms of Overweight:

Sentence/Example of Overweight:

You overweight your boy going off and he will be handicapped out of the race, too.

Almost instantly the overweight one was behind him, seizing his arm.

We must not overweight the Bill, said the Prime Minister at length.

It looked tired as from the carrying of an overweight of suspicion.

They could as easily have charged you overweight as underweight.

Between Charing Cross and Paris the overweight was charged 15s.

The overweight of daring which nature had given her drew her on.

They are the people who are overweight and the people who are underweight.

Her nature is a very noble one, in spite of an overweight of pride.

She is only 40 or 50 pounds overweight, but she is fond of me and I took liberties with her.