Underweight [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Underweight:

They could as easily have charged you overweight as underweight.

The baby of a German housewife was underweight—that is, below normal.

They are the people who are overweight and the people who are underweight.

Blind abscesses at the roots will cause all sorts of aches and pains, as well as underweight.

Underweight individuals sometimes have to train their digestive tracts for some of the foods they need.

Underweight and overweight are both abnormal conditions; probably the latter is the more easily remedied.

The union of all that is wetness, the change is underweight and yet the practical use of length is the same as width.

Even though the baby was underweight and had violet shadows under her blue eyes, she looked healthier than most babies they saw.

Some of you are underweight, because you are not properly regulated so far as your meals and living is concerned.

Sometimes pupils who are underweight when they first come here begin to lose weight, and they get worried about it.