Undersized [adjective]

Definition of Undersized:


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Sentence/Example of Undersized:

Most of them were undersized, some tough, some rather sickly.

Rollit will follow in the interests of undersized flat-fish.

He had a most amiable feeling towards it, were it ever so frowsy and undersized and sallow.

In the language of the country they meant runty, mean-figured, undersized.

He was an undersized child with a pinched, intelligent face.

He was said to be undersized, red-haired, and somewhat freckled.

This was said by the undersized Napoleon, looking up straight into Alexander's eyes.

They had grown and changed; and Hanny felt quite as if she were undersized.

Most of them were undersized men with sagging shoulders and primitive faces.

He was an undersized, dapper little man, with almost no chin.