Small [adjective]

Definition of Small:

tiny in size, quantity

Opposite/Antonyms of Small:

Sentence/Example of Small:

She's one of the build that aren't so big as they look, nor yet so small as they look.

So small was it that to have gone a few feet to either side would have been to miss it.

Obulus, (plural Oboli)—A small coin, about the value of a penny.

He caught but two fish, and they were so small that he decided not to offer them for sale.

Why, we wasted enough from breakfast to feed a small family.

Over the seat is a mirror cut into small squares by wooden muntins.

They're really one and a half sizes too small, and almost kill me.

Bivouacked on North-West side of hill, at a small water-hole.

We camped in a thicket, without water, on a small patch of feed.

Marked a small tree with the letter F. close to the waterhole.