Toy [noun]

Definition of Toy:

entertainment article

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Sentence/Example of Toy:

He was sitting on the floor with our boy gravely intent on a toy circus.

Even this toy of a train brings us, in thirty minutes, to Beirut.

You were but a lad learning to fly your first toy helics when that happened.

We learn first to play with it academically, as the magnet was once a toy.

He wrapped the toy vane in a piece of paper and handed it to his small patron.

He took up one of these and swung it round him like a toy, and the men fell on every side.

His voice was squeaky and petulant, like that of a child who is suddenly forbidden a toy.

When Philip was three, he loved playing with his toy airplane.

What's a toy to the health and happy future of these helpless little folk?

It is astonishing to see the reverence with which this toy is regarded.