Game [adjective]

Definition of Game:

brave, willing

Synonyms of Game:

Opposite/Antonyms of Game:

Sentence/Example of Game:

Still, the game of chicken between Pelosi and moderate Democrats is striking.

The output of a restaurant cannot be defined in numbers or data like a game.

“We’re using this as an opportunity to really understand our game at a higher level,” McCutchen said.

Hahn’s comments — and his later apology — affirmed the idea that politics was seeping into the work of health officials who are supposed to be above playing that game.

When you write him off as being past his prime, he might just respond with a game like Sunday’s vintage performance — 364 yards, 73 percent of passes completed, four touchdowns and zero interceptions — against the Minnesota Vikings.

It’s possible that Dallas could get blown out in three games during the finals, win the other four by tight margins and become the first team since at least the lockout to lift the Stanley Cup after conceding more goals than it scored.

It’s often a fool’s game to try to figure out a reporter’s anonymous sources.

Cloud analytics firm Sumo Logic, game software developer Unity, and future database titan Snowflake are on the schedule for this week, to be followed shortly by Asana, Corsair Gaming, and Palantir.

In an era of climate change, though, such policies amount to a sort of shell game, meant to keep growth going even when other obvious signs and scientific research suggest that it should stop.

With pharmaceutical companies publicly pledging not to release a vaccine that has not been fully tested, the odds of a game-changing medicine before 2021 are slim.