Nervy [adjective]

Definition of Nervy:

bold, pushy

Synonyms of Nervy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nervy:

Sentence/Example of Nervy:

"I'm nervy, that's what it is," he went on, still speaking aloud.

I know ye're nervy, but thar ain't no good in bein' foolish.

She asked questions that might have been considered impertinent, not to say nervy.

And you know he's some nervy sport, Mr. Robert—all except when it's a matter of skirts.

“A fellow has to be without nerve and yet 169 nervy,” explained Larry.

Musq'oosis had to admit they were a nervy pair, though small.

More than one acquaintance had lately told him that he was looking "nervy."

It was as nervy a thing as I ever seen, and I never seen it outside of a circus.

Weve needed a couple of nervy riders like you and your pardner.

Say, girls, did you ever hear of anything so nervy as Nita's going off like that?