Cheeky [adjective]

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This includes the radically redesigned Kia Sorento, a midsize crossover that blends the burly styling of a full-size Telluride with the cheeky curves of a compact Sportage.

A cleverer show might have been able to bridge the gap between these two options, using more than just cheeky string quartets and a missing prince to signal its intentions toward historical accuracy.

The essay, which has been reprinted in collections of Kael’s work, was titled “Raising Kane” — a cheeky reference to the idiom “raising Cain,” which means to cause a ruckus or raise hell.

Among the deaf cast members, Ahmed’s sign name was a variation on “f---up,” a cheeky nod to his learning curve.

Now, like a cheeky photo bomber, Apple’s orb bobs in the marina and uses Safdie’s towers as dramatic backdrop.

The nice new house was expecting them, and a cheeky, pimply German page-boy took their packages up.

Her nose was quite four inches higher in the air by the end of the season, in fact she presented the most cheeky appearance.

Some of our new men have the manners of a cheeky young chawbacon on a gate.

It's awfully interesting, because we work in the Huns' front-yard in a way, and it seems so cheeky somehow.

He had leaned his arms upon the table, and now he smiled up at her like a mischievous, cheeky school‑boy.