Insulting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Insulting:

Some described awkward and insulting encounters while others said police threatened them with deportation.

There’s nothing more insulting to a blogger than having someone try to beat down their posting price.

The Marquise looked at her, her face manifesting no offence at the almost insulting words.

Your callers are, in a measure, invited guests, and it will be an insulting mark of rudeness to be out when they call.

Whoever denied the latter was accused of insulting and slandering the nation.

The rebel soldiers became more and more insulting and overbearing.

I know—I cannot expect that you would; and that, under such circumstances, it would be insulting in me to offer it.

The words of Charles Townsend were insulting to the colonists to the last degree, and were open to the severest rebuke.

Indescribable their anguish; and yet no violence was committed, no insulting language or action given by those soldiers.

The reply was speedy and most insulting, for it studiously avoided the recognition of Ferdinand's sovereignty.