Slighting [adjective]

Definition of Slighting:


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Sentence/Example of Slighting:

Let the world be as critical or slighting as it may, these things are successes.

He repelled the suggestion by a slighting gesture of the hand.

He must have seen the woman—but he is angry with me, for—for—slighting him—as he thinks—but he was wrong.

And when we were some distance away he made a slighting remark about Millie.

I did wrong in slighting your injunction, and suffering Lilian to do so.

"You do not at all understand it yet," said Felbeck, with a slighting laugh.

After all, we have only followed the custom of the place in slighting the cathedral.

Galatea, therefore, is for ever slighting the sculptor's affection.

I told them they should take heed of slighting the mercies of God.

In that case his discontent may take itself out in slighting his task and wasting your time and lengthening his bill.