Disparaging [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disparaging:

Even to hear any one disparaging the appearance of Jess's son is to me a pain.

I have no disposition to say disparaging things about the garden of annuals.

But that's just the way with professing Christians; they are always disparaging the delights which they are unfitted to enjoy.

The fruit, of course, is that for which the tree is cultivated; but who would magnify the fruit by disparaging the sap?

This was an implication deregatory to the glory, and disparaging to the power of the Son of God.

But Charles thought he saw signs of promise in that pup, and in spite of our disparaging remarks he clung to him.

He was saying something disparaging of that Europe he had never seen, applauding his nephew's return to his native land.

Strange to say, he never was known to speak one disparaging word of Abby, Ben's second wife.

If she had ventured any disparaging remarks of "Cousin Anne," they would not have been repeated.

Mr. Dennison, as has been seen, had on the tip of his tongue a conclusion disparaging in the highest degree to Evelyn and his art.