Minimizing [verb]

Definition of Minimizing:

make smaller; underrate

Opposite/Antonyms of Minimizing:

Sentence/Example of Minimizing:

The spiral motion has the effect of minimizing this difficulty.

I would not have you think that I am minimizing the value of the services of these men.

It had made him, promptly, fall back on minimizing it—that is on minimizing "fuss."

The problem will never be solved by minimizing or deriding or misunderstanding it.

Both stood for toleration and for the minimizing of the differences between the sects.

Alice told her story, minimizing her fright as much as possible.

They had no idea of minimizing the great common experiences of life.

There is only too much to see, too much to do, and his process is the one that comes nearest to minimizing the quantity.

It is with no intention either of ignoring facts or minimizing dangers that one turns here to the other side of the account.

As a temporary measure, with the view of minimizing the practical difficulties of the Post Office, a uniform rate of 4d.