Underestimate [verb]

Definition of Underestimate:

minimize; rate too low

Synonyms of Underestimate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Underestimate:

Sentence/Example of Underestimate:

It would be for most people, but I think you underestimate your cheek, as you call it.

You underestimate your favors, if you fancy they are easily forgotten!

Oh, not that I underestimate the home women or the sheltered women.

It is obvious that at about that time everybody was inclined to underestimate his chances.

Bidwell did not underestimate his importance in this rush of gold-frenzied men.

And he did not underestimate the compelling power of a nature like Polly's.

Surely this is to underestimate the devotion of our earnest golfers.

The detective did not underestimate the man's stubborn nerve.

This creates a basis for conflict that no one should underestimate.

An honest merchant should not boast his merchandise too much, no more should he underestimate it.