Miscalculate [verb]

Definition of Miscalculate:

make a mistake

Opposite/Antonyms of Miscalculate:

Sentence/Example of Miscalculate:

Mark did not miscalculate the good feeling of the people in this quarter.

He may miscalculate his own forces; he may have no chart of the country he would invade.

Sometimes, however, they miscalculate the extent of their power.

Did you miscalculate the danger, or was it something that could not be helped?

"You miscalculate your strength, young man," said Byrom, gravely.

Did he, however, mistake or miscalculate the meaning of the voice?

Essex did not miscalculate the probable effect of this exploit.

Men who miscalculate the future usually do so because they fail to apprehend the present facts.

Should he miscalculate, he can always drop his burden, or lessen its weight by eating part of it on the spot.

How on earth did you miscalculate so badly as that, Helen, or are they there for our special benefit?