Undervalue [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Undervalue:

I am not poor because you think me so, nor because you attempt to undervalue me in the country.

Come, come, don't sulk; I am not going to undervalue your favorite Lucy.

Should he affect to undervalue the place, and all the art treasures?

There, indeed, lay the great peril; nor was Grenfell a man to undervalue it.

So that we may not set aside the sacraments, nor undervalue them.

I am no romantic fool to undervalue the sacrifice I am about to make.

These people who talked of games seem to me to undervalue repose.

Now I should be the last to undervalue any traces of history to be found in tradition.

We would not undervalue modesty or recommend self-sufficiency.

Far be it from any Cornish student to undervalue the p. 53usefulness of Keigwin.