Overvalue [verb]

Definition of Overvalue:

make a mistake

Opposite/Antonyms of Overvalue:

Sentence/Example of Overvalue:

And as a fiction of science, it would be difficult to overvalue this invention.

I may overvalue your aid, but not the affection from which it comes.

To this end, overvalue not any private or singular opinions of your own or others.

It stakes us happy to overvalue each other; let us keep that illusion.

We overvalue intellectual as compared with moral and emotional gifts.

Value by all means your English liberty, but do not overvalue it.

It is hardly possible to overvalue ourselves but by undervaluing our neighbors.

A man of that type is sure to overvalue his own strength; but look at him, citizen Heron.

I know not what wit in a woman is good for, but to make her overvalue herself, and despise every other person.

But while I bid men not undervalue English liberty, so also on the other hand I charge them not to overvalue it.