Misinterpret [verb]

Definition of Misinterpret:


Synonyms of Misinterpret:

Opposite/Antonyms of Misinterpret:


Sentence/Example of Misinterpret:

She and I had been—friends, and I feared she might misinterpret my reasons.

Nor can I conceive that any one will so misinterpret the custom.

Happily, Czernavitz knows me, and will not misinterpret my absence.

These foreign fellows will be quite ready to misinterpret it.

Then, fearing Zezdon Afthen might misinterpret his silence, he plunged on.

But he was too acute a lover to misinterpret what he knew, alas!

But lest some should misinterpret these remarks, I will add that there must be grace at heart.

He could not tell her he loved her for fear she might misinterpret her own sentiments.

Every one has some lurking enemy eager to misinterpret him to his own advantage.

How ill-natured you are, Leontion, to misinterpret me; I could almost cry.