Falsify [verb]

Definition of Falsify:

alter, misrepresent

Synonyms of Falsify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Falsify:

Sentence/Example of Falsify:

Vox’s Brian Resnick has written extensively on “deep canvassing,” a tactic that was mired in controversy when Science retracted the initial 2014 study after the researcher was found to have falsified his data.

The frustration for theoretical ecologists is that, with thousands of disparate ecosystems around the globe, ecological theories can be hard to universally falsify.

During that time, he reported only one of his hires to the board of overseers for falsifying invoices, commission records show.

Because Pirahã, according to Dan, would falsify that hypothesis.

We will permanently ban any pollster found to be falsifying data.

If there were a law to punish those who adulterate or falsify "truth," our magistrates would be kept extremely busy.

I may equally charge controversial writers with fraud, when they falsify the words or arguments of an opponent.

But we must not falsify observation to avoid theoretical difficulties.

It may be added, that even the height of the boot-heels of young collegians of twenty-five would tend to falsify the average.

It will be curious if the result, as not unfrequently happens, should be such as to falsify both conclusions.