Belie [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Belie:

Bonnebault was squint-eyed and his physical appearance did not belie his depravity.

The Transport Company thought much of him, only they said he was reckless, and he surely acted youthful to belie his looks.

Archer's horse did not belie the character he had given of him.

She laughed to belie her words, but the note of agitation was not to be concealed.

Why, when I say I am not ashamed to be poor, does the blood rise in my cheeks to belie my words?

Fortune, however, is proverbially fickle, and she did not belie her character on this particular day.

Wee Winn, however, did not belie her somewhat ambitious appellation, as is often the case.

The morning did not belie its fair promise, but opened as brightly as the most exacting hunter could require.

That his general air of discontent did not belie him, and that he was by no means an amiable boy, was at once proved.

"You'll drive me out of my senses," said Miss O'Hara; and certainly her look did not belie her words.