Attest [verb]

Definition of Attest:

affirm, vouch for

Synonyms of Attest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Attest:

Sentence/Example of Attest:

Just corporeal enough to attest humanity, yet sufficiently transparent to let the celestial origin shine through.

Tausig, in my opinion, did possess exceptional genius in composition, though he left but few works behind him to attest it.

The Gentleman's Magazine contains a long list of the bridges and churches which attest his reputation and skill.

That he was an autocratic chairman, his brother directors, were they now living, would I am sure attest.

If the letter was preserved the seal was kept attached to it in order to attest its authenticity.

Behind him wavered a long, deep-gouged furrow-trail, pitiful attest of suffering.

A volume on "domesticall dutyes" is cited, to the accomplishment of which attest two spinning wheels.

The sympathy was largely genuine, as Hartley could attest, but it bored the invalid.

Afterwards they know it, and attest the verity of the prediction.

A certain hardness of outline, not unlike the character of bronze sculpture, may attest his early training in metal work.