Countersign [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Countersign:

But since you have dined rather heartily, you kiss her upon the forehead merely, not feeling able to countersign your opinions.

I had no pass to get back with, and didn't know the countersign, but I bluffed through all right.

I'se under the orders of de United States Guvement, and dem orders is to let nobody parss here what can't gib de countersign.

He is not obliged to know his own officers or comrades, or the commanding general, only through the means of the countersign.

No Captain; no Colonel; no General, dare disobey it, unless he has his pass or can give the "countersign."

Mr. Turreau and Mr. Erskine will both of them countersign the declaration to-morrow.

Further talk was interrupted by a group of men who approached, saluted, gave a whispered countersign.

Now you play the part of sentry here until some one passes, and you can find out what the countersign is.

But the guard was firm, and insisted that he should give the countersign or stay outside the lines.

After awhile the officer on his way back was challenged by this guard and asked for the countersign.