Corroborate [verb]

Definition of Corroborate:

back up information, story

Synonyms of Corroborate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corroborate:

Sentence/Example of Corroborate:

The authors used “best statistical practices” by corroborating their nationwide, county-level results with the individual results from Washington and Utah, says Donald Green, a political scientist at Columbia University.

Your site should include a detailed “About us” section that explains who you are, what you do and introduces your C-level executives, with links from relevant publications that corroborate your claims.

That finding is also at least somewhat corroborated in this paper FiveThirtyEight contributor Lee Drutman published with the Voter Study Group earlier this year.

This is corroborated by NASA, the guys who spend more time looking at the Earth than pretty much anyone else.

We conducted separate analyses using a different source of testing site locations and examined other testing-related data to corroborate our findings.

I have already produced an instance to point out this, and shall now corroborate it with another.

But things seemed to corroborate it so: I've heard people say the new lord was as a man who had some great care upon him.

She looked around for Melvin to corroborate her statement but he had vanished.

A heavy fit of coughing from the inner room now seemed to corroborate the suspicion.

My findings corroborate Davis' conclusion that D. oklahomae should stand as Dipodomys ordii oklahomae.